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All companies in compliance with the provision of Sec. 357 of Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria are required at each general meeting to appoint an auditor or auditors to audit the financial statements of the company.

Kreston Pedabo Audit provides additional value creation services borne from the combination of strong financial accounting skills and years of experience in the provision of statutory audit, systems audits, evaluation and development of accounting and IT systems and critical assessment of systems and processes. We provide a holistic service to all our audit clients by focusing on financial management and organisational performance improvement and thus add value to the systems of our clients.

We have developed our own in-house methodology in combination with an automated system with which we approach our assignments, the outcome of which makes our reports acceptable to international best practices.

Accounting Services

Primarily, our accounting services involve the recording of financial transactions, maintenance of the books of records and the preparation of relevant financial reports for our clients. These services can be delivered by providing the client with our resources who shall be resident in the client’s office or by accessing the required information at our offices thereby working offsite. Our detailed roles and responsibilities are varied, determined and agreed with each client in line with specific needs.

We use an effective accounting system that ensures compliance to local regulations and ensures data integrity, satisfyiing both local and international corporate reporting requirements. The capabilities and features of the accounting system offered for use shall be consulted with and agreed by the client.

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