The industries we specialise in

We are strongly represented in 6 Practice Areas; Financial Services; Power & Natural Resources; Government, NGOs & Education; Information Technology & Telecommunications; Industrial & Consumer markets, and Real Estate & Infrastructure.


Financial Services


Power & Natural Resources

Contemporary building

Government, NGOs & Education


Information Technology & Telecommunications


Industrial & Consumer Markets

Looking down on real estate

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Latest news

Strategic Planning for Successful Business Marketing

The success of any marketing campaign in today’s competitive corporate environment depends heavily on strategic planning. Businesses can overcome obstacles, […]

Kreston Pedabo dedicated a renovated block of 2 classrooms to the Falomo High School

As part of our Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Kreston Pedabo dedicated a renovated block of 2 classrooms and its appurtenances to […]

The Significance of Goal Setting and Strategic Planning in Organisations

Antoine de Saint- Exupery, once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. He postulated this based on […]

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