Vision, Character and Assurance

Our vision is to be the leading professional firm providing exceptional services and timely solutions to our clients’ Tax, Audit and Advisory needs.

Kreston Pedabo is a professional services firm providing Audit & Assurance, Tax Compliance & Advisory, Financial Advisory & Risk Management, as well as Management Consulting & other Specialised Support services to clients across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

The firm offers various routine and bespoke solutions aimed at facilitating compliance and meeting clients’ expectations for improved business performance.

20 plus years in business with over 500 satisfied clients, our firm takes a holistic approach to all its engagements, aimed at developing constructive and result oriented reports on all assignments.

Our focus is to create real economic value for clients through radical improvements with strategic insights and impacts leading to tangible economic results; practical analysis and strategies that make sense to business managers and are germane to clients’ businesses.

Our Values

Our Mission

  1. To provide answers, counsel and sound business recommendations in the manner expected of the best tax, audit and accounting firm in Nigeria, while being the first professional resource for our clients.
  2. To remain consistent with the principles of integrity and abide by its tenets to the highest standard.
  3. To enhance the potential of our clients’ business to operate at optimum level while building relationships of mutual respect.
  4. To create an environment that demonstrates our respect and care for all people whose lives we directly or indirectly influence.
  5. To obtain and retain the best employees to execute our vision and to maintain a culture of extraordinary care that
    becomes the standard to be emulated.

Our Experience

The firm has clients in most sectors of the Nigerian economy, many of whom are clear leaders in their sectors, including financial services broadly, oil and gas, power, manufacturing, real estate, FMCG, trade, NGOs, governments etc.
With a combined experience of over 150 years of professional practice, our partners have been active participants in recent developments of the practice of taxation in Nigeria, working closely with regulatory authorities. Our work for clients and with the tax authorities has contributed to the shaping of the tax regulatory framework in Nigeria.

Our automated audit approach and methodology is robust, scalable and enables us to deliver high quality, efficient and value-added audit services to our numerous clients. Our business advisory, management consulting, and secretarial services have been strategic, effective, prompt, personalised and specialised to meet specific clients’ needs in a most cost-effective manner whilst ensuring that clients beat their markets and outperform their competitors even as they remain compliant and able to avoid penalties with regulatory authorities.